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Welcome to HPComm.org. HPComm and HPGComm are free programs which allow you to transfer data between a PC, and HP graphing calculators.

This project is now dead. That is, the web site and software are now sadly out of date, and neither of the two original authors are interested (or have the time) to provide support or do further development. If you're a developer, feel free to take it over.

Where you can go from here:

oUse another program

You can find many fine transfer programs (including HPComm) at http://www.hpcalc.org/hp48/pc/link/.

oVisit the old page

You can visit the original HPComm web page here but please be advised it is quite old and of limited use. The "download" links may not work any more, since SourceForge no longer support FTP. The best place to download HPComm is at hpcalc.org.

These pages are here on an as-is basis, and for historical interest. We (the developers) stand by none of the original offers we made.

oLinux Developers
 Windows Developers

This software is licensed under the GNU GPL, which means you're entitled to a copy of the source code. If you're a Linux or Windows developer, visit this page. It has ideas which would really improve future versions of HPComm.

oWhat happened to ACO?

Coming soon...

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